MAHAM Career Counseling

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Welcome home! Congratulation on making a big step toward your career success. You know why MAHAM is different? We are driven by passion. We love sharing our knowledge with the youngsters. The strategy that we approach our markets with is simply built on the foundation that only the best will win. We capture students’ hearts. We mix our offering and services with fun, lots of fun. Our staff is known to be market heroes and known across the industry to have a strong track record and excellent client relations so let’s hit the ground running.


MAHAM understands the Education market well. We are also extremely strong in business. We joined forces with all our fine partners to offer to our students, in style, a totally new approach to Career Counselling, Student Placement, English Courses, Pathway and Online Education. In fact, we designed and operate our own Online Learning Platform, MAHAM eCampus. Visit for more details.

Our Experience

MAHAM has vast experience in dealing with education organizations whether local, Regional or around the globe. Our experience allows us to carry out education services with speed and precision. This, you would agree, works to your advantage.


MAHAM Relevance

Career Counseling is one of our serious specialties in the Middle East. Hence, we are confident and dedicated to ensure we present the best available partnerships for our students. MAHAM, through its experienced management team has provided extensive HR consultancy, Informed Market Intelligence, Logistics advice. The mix we bring to the market, we call it the education business mix, makes the schools prefer us as their education services partner. We’re close to our clients, students and their colleagues. We are everywhere for them. We love it.

Our added value:

MAHAM strength is in being available in cities across the region. We help our students get the best results. We are up to challenges. We would love to contribute to your success and have you grow from there. You are in safe hands. Enjoy Success!

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