Tests Preparation

MAHAM is well known for its global quality training courses. It’s, therefore, no surprise that our Tests Preparation naturally tops the list.

Course Delivery

We have in-house training for all University entrance exams. We will only be satisfied when our students score top marks. Our training is target oriented and is driven by quality. As with all of our training courses, our classes bring out the best of our students’ potential by being highly interactive.

All our courses are available in the traditional classroom as well as online with live interaction and the ability to see your instructor through webcam, ask questions and receive answers on the spot. We use the latest state of the art technology to ensure you experience top quality audio and video. You may attend our online courses from anywhere in the world. Further, we offer many courses at times that suit people in different time zones. This, you would agree, is another huge benefit of the online teaching. Enjoy the flexibility!


We guide undergraduate and post graduate students on how to apply to top Universities across the globe and secure admission. We have partnerships with top Universities in Australia, Canada, Holland, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the far East. As such, our professional staff are leaders in test preparations so you score high. We are also highly experienced and effective in admissions to study programs in various Universities all over the World.

Goodbye SAT, Goodbye TOEFL

We have agreements in place with Universities and we will ensure you receive your acceptance from top Universities in the United States without SAT, TOEFL, ACT or IELTS. What a relief!

Just think of the time required to prepare for your SAT or TOEFL. Now, take that headache off and think how much extra time you now have to focus on your core subject school courses. This is the value that MAHAM brings you. We save you time and money. We take away all the difficulties and provide you relief. Enjoy Success!

Meanwhile, we will help those students who still wish to take the tests and ensure they are competent enough to score the highest results and make us all proud.

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